Welcome to Century Village

This website was created by Kelly Janssen based on feedback from the Board Synergy Club. It's purpose is to make available in one location much of the common information needed by residents and board members of our Condominium Associations. Century Village West Palm Beach has 309 Condominium Associations, which means it has 309 Not For Profit Corporations. This website is designed from a Corporate perspective.


An effort is made to publish the most current and accurate information; however, I make no warranty or guaranty concerning the accuracy of the information. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the law and my reliance upon outside sources, I make no warranty or guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of information contained herein. This site should not be used as a substitute for professional services.

Website Organization

The primary information the Board of Directors needs to lead their Not-for-profit Corporation (Association) is found under six Department tabs; Occupancy, Operation, Finance, Security, Property Management, and Legal. The Welcome Materials tab contains printed versions of the information found on this website. The Residents and Associations tabs contain links of interest. The Forms tab has electronic versions of many of the forms needed in Century Village by residents and boards. The Bylaws tab has an unofficial copy of the Associations' public records.

Condominium Governance

This publication is intended as an informal educational overview of condominium governance as per F.S. 718.503(2)(a).