Welcome to Century Village

This website was created by the Board Synergy Club to make available in one location the common information for the Condominium Associations of Century Village West Palm Beach. Century Village has 309 Condominium Associations, which means it has 309 Not For Profit Corporations. This website is designed from a Corporate perspective.


The information provided on this website has been gathered and enhanced by Kelly Janssen and was not authored, created, verified, or endorsed by Century Village, United Civic Organization (UCO), or West Palm Recreational Facilities (W.P.R.F.), or any of their affiliates, employees, officers, or vendors. The information is made available on this website as a convenience for the Century Village community and the accuracy or legitimacy of the information cannot be verified by Century Village Entities, and the inclusion of this information on this website does not constitute an endorsement, approval, consent, opinion, authorization, or sanction by Century Village Entities. This website should not be used as a substitute for professional services.


The primary information the Board of Directors needs to lead their Corporation is found under five Department tabs; Operation, Finance, Security, Property Management, and Legal. The Welcome Materials tab contains printed versions of the information found on this website. The Residents and Associations tabs contain links of interest. The Forms tab has electronic versions of many of the forms needed in Century Village by residents and boards. The Bylaws tab has an unofficial copy of the Associations' public records.


Century Village is a complex ecosysystem of Not For Profit Corporations that share many resources and concerns. When an opportunity arises, knowing how to best handle it can be a challenge. The Board Synergy Club meets weekly so it can help direct participants to the right resources quickly.